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Kin + Ko

Kin + Ko was born out of a love for fashion and design. Our products are sourced from all over the world, each piece chosen with care, true to who we are. Together we bring 30 plus years of experience in all areas of retail, styling and art. Our goal is to make each and everyone of our customers happy with their purchases, confident in the knowledge that we put them at the top of the list as being the heart and soul of our business.

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Our store is by the beach and our style is driven by that fact. Anything that would look in a beach house is our ethos. From tables to trinkets we can help decorate your home.


Our labels are chosen for many reasons, value for money being our main goal. We are also developing a glamorous Rock star clothing range with a touch of grunge. That's our vibe.

Art Gallery

Our gallery space showcases the works of Artist in Residence Fred Thompson, along with other local and accomplished artists that complement the Kin and Ko coastal theme.